Revolver Game Fishing specialises in the highest quality custom game fishing lures. Revolver Game Fishing originated in Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, Australia in 2013. It was founded and created by a local tradesman who worked on the game fishing boats and ran the Revolver Lures on countless trips to the Great Barrier Reef. All lures are now handcrafted in Cairns, Australia but have been trialed and tested in some of the best game fishing locations around the world.

We have a large range of different head shapes to suit every level of fisherman and every line class. You can select hard heads or soft heads depending on your preference. We make our own Revolver Skirts, made from the highest quality products to ensure your lures do not fade or peel over time. We can also make custom heads and skirts to advertise the name of your business, a company logo or your boat name.


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